Following is a summary of grants made under the environmental programs of The Curtis & Edith Munson Foundation in 2001. Those programs include (in declining order of size) Marine/Fisheries Conservation, South Florida Environment, Alabama Environment, Population & Environment, Business & Environment, and District of Columbia Environment. Some grants are made for projects that cover both Alabama and Florida. Please know that except where noted, all grants carry a 1:1 match requirement. The second year of a two-year grant is subject to approval of progress on goals and objectives by the Board prior to the release of second-year funds. It is possible that the project is listed by name rather than fiscal agent.

Alabama Environmental Council 2001: $15,000
Birmingham, Alabama
Funding for partnership with Wild Alabama and the Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition to work on national forest management issues in Alabama.
Alabama Forest Resources Center 2001: $25,000
Mobile, Alabama  
Funding to educate the public and promote the use of conservation easements to protect private lands in Alabama.
Alabama Rivers Alliance 2001: $35,000
Birmingham, Alabama  
Funding for watershed protection, grassroots river group micro-grant program and River Visions project.
Alabama Water Watch 2001: $15,000
Decatur, Alabama  
Funding for its volunteer citizen water quality monitoring activities.
American Littoral Society 2001: $15,000
Key Biscayne, Florida  
Matching funds for Key Biscayne restoration project.
American Zoo & Aquarium Association 2001: $55,000
Silver Spring, Maryland  
Funding for administration of Munson Aquatic Conservation Education award. The 2001 Award winners were the Bermuda Aquarium and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.
Bermuda Biological Research Station 2001: $30,000
Hamilton, Bermuda
First year of a two-year grant for research project on marine protected areas.
Biodiversity Project 2001: $15,000
Madison, Wisconsin
Support for work on biodiversity outreach and education, and for sprawl focus groups and other message development work.
Biscayne Bay Partnership Initiative 2001: $13,000
Coconut Grove, Florida
Funding in support of the managment plan for Biscayne Bay and associated activities.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Montgomery 2001: $10,000
Montgomery, Alabama  
Funding to support the expansion of the Outdoor Club.
Center for Resource Economics/Island Press 2001: $10,000
Washington, D.C.  
Funding to support publication and distribution of marine-related books, including From Abundance to Scarcity, Estuarine Science, and Economic Losses from Marine Pollution.
Chesapeake Bay Foundation 2001: $25,000
Annapolis, Maryland  
Funding for outreach and education programs for District of Columbia schoolchildren.
Citizens for a Better South Florida 2001: $15,000
Miami, Florida
Support for education and outreach programs in the Miami-Dade area.
Coast Alliance 2001: $25,000
Washington, D.C.
Funding for support of the Florida coastal initiative.
Colorado’s Ocean Journey 2001: $15,000
Denver, Colorado
Support the planning phase of the Ocean Project, a multi-institution marine conservation education program.
Consultative Group on Biodiversity 2001: $7.500
San Francisco, California  
Support for efforts to promote collaboration among grantmaker interested in protecting the world's biodiversity
Coral Reef Alliance (C.O.R.A.L.) 2001: $25,000
Berkeley, California  
Funding to support projects related to engaging divers in support of marine resource protection and other outreach activities.
Donors Forum of South Florida 2001: $2,500
Miami, Florida  
Funding to support collaborations and continuing professional training of south Florida grantmakers.
Duke Marine Laboratory 2001: $5,000
Durham, North Carolina  
Support for the longline fisheries research project.
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund 2001: $10,000
Washington. D.C.  
Funding for education and outreach elements of the “Florida Sustainable Waters Program.”
E Magazine 2001: $7,500
Westport, CT
Support for a special issue on America's endangered rivers.
Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) 2001: $50,000
Washington, D.C.  
Funding for outreach and education projects on immigration/population issues.
Florida Keys Environmental Trust Fund 2001: $15,000
Key Largo, Florida
Support for restoration work at Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge.
Florida Wildlife Federation 2001: $15,000
Naples, Florida
Funding for the Lake Okeechobee watershed and related project work.
Friends of the Earth 2001: $25,000
Washington, D.C.
Funding for a joint project with Taxpayers for Common Sense on possible designs for fisheries allocation programs.
Funders Network for Smart Growth and Sustainable Communities 2001: $12,500
Miami, Florida 2000: $30,000
Funding to support the Network’s activities and projects in south Florida.
Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources 2001: $10,000
Potomac, Maryland  
Support for journalist education on natural resource issues in coastal zones.
League of Conservation Voters Education Fund 2001: $20,000
Washington, D.C.
Support for voter education about conservation issues in Florida.
Marine Conservation Biology Institute 2001: $10,000
Redmond, Washington
Funding for building capacity in marine biology conservation, including a workshop, research and other projects.
Marine Fish Conservation Network 2001: $80,000
Washington, D.C.  
Support for the Network’s fisheries policy activities and its media outreach project.
Martin County Environmental Studies Center 2001: $7,500
Jensen Beach, Florida  
Support for the “Good Nature Outreach Program” and the weekend openings for families program.
Martin County Regional Land Trust 2001: $25,000
Stuart, Florida
Funding to support the “Our Green Heritage” program.
Mobile Bay Watch/Baykeeper 2001: $25,000
Mobile, Alabama  
Support for efforts to address environmental concerns in the Mobile Bay area.
National Aquarium in Baltimore 2001: $25,000
Baltimore, Maryland  
Support seagrass restoration and other conservation projects.
National Coalition for Marine Conservation 2001: $20,000
Leesburg, Virginia  
Support for the “Bring Back the Big Fish” campaign and related fisheries management policy issues.
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 2001: $25,000
Washington, D.C.  
Core funding for fisheries program and to match funds to NOAA coral reef projects.
National Geographic Education Foundation 2001: $5,000
Washington, D.C.
First year of three year grant in memory of Joe Ferguson and Ann Judge of the National Geographic Society.
National Parks Conservation Association 2001: $25,000
Washington, D.C.  
Support for work on marine issues in our national parks and for work on the management plant for Biscayne National Park.
National Public Radio 2001: $20,000
Washington, D.C.  
Funding for the 2001-2002 Radio Expeditions program.
National Wildlife Federation 2001: $15,000
Washington, D.C.
Funding to support the Everglades Project Office.
Negative Population Growth 2001: $15,000
Washington, D.C.
Funding to support media outreach programs.
New England Aquarium 2001: $25,000
Boston, Massachusetts  
Support for the Conservation Action Fund in partnership with the Oak Foundation.
NOVA Southeastern University 2001: $15,000
Fort Lauderdale, Florida  
Support for research identifying genetic markers for shark fin samples to help trace sources of sharkfins for the world market, particularly in Hong Kong.
Pacific River Council 2001: $15,000
Eugene, Oregon  
Support for staff position working on forest issues in the state of Alabama.
Planned Parenthood of Alabama 2001: $15,000
Birmingham, Alabama  
Funding for education and outreach programs, especially the Montgomery clinic.
Planned Parenthood of Metro. Washington, D.C. 2001: $10,000
Washington, D.C.  
Funding to continue outreach and education program for teenagers and others.
Planned Parenthood of the Palm Beach & Treasure Coast Area 2001: $10,000
West Palm Beach, Florida  
Funding for family planning outreach and education program.
Population Communications International 2001: $25,000
New York, New York .  
Support for Mass Media Communications program.
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) 2001: $18,000
Washington, DC  
Seed funding for the “Saving Florida’s Water” program.
Reef Environmental Education Foundation (R.E.E.F.) 2001: $25,000
Key Largo, Florida  
Support work collecting data for Great American Fish Count and on fish surveys in the Florida Keys as well as the U.S. Caribbean.
SeaWeb 2001: $30,000
Washington, D.C.  
Support for the aquaculture clearinghouse, for an audio marine education curriculum, and for related marine outreach and education projects.
Southern Environmental Center 2001: $35,000
Birmingham, Alabama  
Funding for the Environmental Center’s education and outreach programs (located at Birmingham Southern College) for schoolchildren and adults.
South Wings 2001: $15,000
Jasper, Tennessee  
Support for expanding volunteer pilot flyover program in Alabama.
Student Conservation Association 2001: $20,000
Charlestown, New Hampshire  
Support for the student intern programs at select Florida wildlife refuges and parks
Sustainable Development Institute 2001: $10,000
Washington, D.C.  
Third-year grant to support Atlantic Coast Watch, a bimonthly newsletter on coastal issues
The Nature Conservancy - Alabama 2001: $30,000
Birmingham, Alabama  
First year of three-year commitment to provide support for The Nature Conservancy's work to preserve critical habitat in Alabama.
The Nature Conservancy - Florida 2001: $25,000
Key West, Florida  
Funding for the Sea Stewards program in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and for the pilot exotics/removal, public education campaign adjacent to Matheson Hammock State Park, Miami.
The Nature Conservancy of Maryland & the District of Columbia 2001: $15,000
Chevy Chase, Maryland  
Funding for habitat restoration and volunteer training in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
The Ocean Conservancy 2001: $75,000
Washington, D.C.  
Funding for the Florida marine program, work on policy issues at the South Atlantic Regional Fishery Management Council, and related issues.
TechRocks 2001: $15,000
Washington, D.C.  
Support for tech assessments and related support to non-profit organizations in Alabama.
Trust for Public Land-Dade County 2001: $20,000
Miami, Florida  
Continuing support for Miami parks project, particularly the Miami River greenways effort.
Tukabatchee Boy Scouts 2001: $15,000
Montgomery, Alabama  
Support to improve outdoor environmental education opportunities for participants.
UNC-Wilmington 2001: $15,000
Wilmington, North Carolina
Support for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Undersea Research project in Key Largo, Florida.
Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers 2001: $1,500
Washington, D.C.
Support for the promotion of collaboration among Washington Area grantmakers.
Waterkeepers Alliance 2001: $5,000
White Plains, New York
Support for the 2001 National Keepers Conference in Pensacola, Florida.
Wild Alabama 2001: $15,000
Birmingham, Alabama  
Support for the partnership with Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition and Alabama Environmental Council to improve management of Alabama’s national forests, particularly the Bankhead.
Wilderness Society 2001: $20,000
Washington, D.C.
Support for the production of a report on "Alabama's Mountain Treasures" and related work.
World Resources Institute 2001: $20,000
Washington, D.C.
Support for the development of market-based incentives for water quality improvements and related projects.
Worldwatch Institute 2001: $15,000
Washington, D.C.
Support for electronic distribution of policy papers and other information on marine and related issues.
World Wildlife Fund 2001: $75,000
Washington, D.C.  
Support for the fisheries conservation program, particularly international fisheries management and domestic policy issues.
World Wildlife Fund 2001: $50,000
Washington, D.C.  
Support for the South Florida ecosystems program, particularly Everglades restoration and the Florida Keys.
Yale University 2001: $25,000
New Haven, Connecticut
Support for the School for Forestry and Environmental Policy's Center for Coastal Studies seminar series on marine issues.
1000 Friends of Florida 2001: $35,000
Tallahassee, Florida  
Support for growth management work in Palm Beach and Martin Counties and site specific handbooks on local growth management tools, particularly in zoning and related laws and regulations.
1000 Friends of Maryland 2001: $10,000
Baltimore, Maryland
Support for outreach & education as well as the revitalization and preservation program.